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Applied Sciences

The IPCA works to certify and accredit academic programs in the Applied Social Sciences. An applied science is an academic discipline which has both a practical and professional application.  Applied sciences integrate research and theory into the workplace and societal institutions to solve real problems with a scientific methodology which is valid and reliable. Application of scientific methodology requires that students studying in the applied disciplines meet many of the rigorous standards of the traditional technical or physical disciplines such as engineering, physics and mathematics.  These standards include but are not limited to research methods introduced early in the class sequence, studies of probability and a capstone sequence which is integrated into the students proposed studies sequence from the onset of undertaking the degree sequence.

It is further assumed that the student undertake professional certification sequences within the major area of concentration.  These professional certifications will be designed through collaboration between industry and academia and assure that the learning sequence meets the need of the employer while maintaining academic integrity required by scientific disciplines.