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Accreditation & Certification

Continuous Review & Enhancement


IPCA is soon to release a certification process based on a web based self study to be evaluated by third party experts in academia and professional associations in the field of study.
We have modeled our process after the ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology} Applied Science Commission structure so as to facilitate recognition by the Council for Higher Ed Accreditation CHEA)

In pursuit of its purposes (Article Two),IPCA will conduct certification and accreditation of educational programs.

IPCA delegates to the Member Societies Certification and or Accreditation Commissions the responsibilities for conducting accreditation activities. The Certification and or Accreditation Commissions are enabled and appointed by the Board upon recommendation from the member society.

The Member Societies Accreditation/Certification Commissions are responsible for conducting accreditation evaluations of educational programs and rendering decisions on these programs based on policies and Accreditation/Certification Criteria that have been approved by the Board. The Accreditation/Certification Commissions shall make final decisions, except for appeals, of accreditation actions. In the event of an appeal of a commission’s action, the Board shall render the final decision on behalf of the Institute.

Each Accreditation/certification Commission is responsible for the continuous review and enhancement of its particular criteria, policies, and procedures. All changes to the Accreditation/ Certification Criteria and policies require approval by the Board. The Institute will determine the means for obtaining these approvals.