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Our Organization At A Glance

IPCA is a member society made up of professional organizations and associations joined by academia and corporate leaders throughout the world who are dedicated to improving professionalism in the areas designated as the Applied Social Sciences.

Knowledge Base

When some one offers a credential it is often difficult to access its value when there are no standards by which its content may be judged. Recent exposes of professional certifications on TV,s Frontline called into question theusefulness of professional certification in expert testimony before the courts. Perspective employees may offer a degree from a school which may not have program or institutional accreditation. How can the value be judged absent a clear standard?

Some Of What We Do:

We are building a mechanism to judge the potential value of credentials presented for employment.

We are building a process of evaluating the value of obtaining a higher educational degree at a given institution.
We are building a process to determine the value of obtaining a professional Certification in your area of employment.

​We provide an opportunity for academics and business leaders to join together in improving the quality of persons interested in careers in the Applied Social Sciences

Leading Credentials By Industry

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  • Criminal Justice Studies

  • Forensics

  • Investigations

  • Loss Prevention Asset Protection

  • Security Studies

  • US Dept. of Homeland Security