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Promote High Standards

It is the mission of the Institute for Professional Certification and Accreditation to promote the highest standards for excellence in design, implementation and testing of content for professional association certifications in Loss Prevention, Asset Protection, Security Management and Sciences, Justice Sciences and other related disciplines and to encourage excellence in academic programs in these areas through program certification and accreditation.

The institute is committed to the creation of an environment of cooperation and mutual respect through integration of the needs of business and government with the expertise of academia in creation of a mechanism that will ensure both quality of presentation with scientific rigor at every level of involvement. Particular emphasis in academic certificate and degree program standards will be placed on assurance of attainment of skills necessary and desirable for job performance and upon inclusion of scientific methodology in course work, as well as throughout the process as assessment of learning outcomes.

We will encourage the utilization of evidence based research regarding dissemination of information, and with regard to evaluation of program results. It is our goal to integrate science and practice into curriculum design and to promote an evaluation process that achieves reliability and validity. We encourage utilization of psycho -metrics in the testing of professional credentialing. We will encourage a broad range of member societies who are interested in achieving our goal and mission to apply for inclusion in the Institute.