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What Does The IPCA Do?


IPCA is a societal membership corporation based in the United States and dedicated to the assurance of quality in higher education in Loss Prevention/Retail Security, Asset Protection and related disciplines. It is a federation of member societies organized for the public good. Its purposes are educational, charitable, and scientific.

To fulfill our goals set forth in this document, IPCA assures the highest level of quality in the accreditation of educational programs, and professional certifications, thereby assuring the competence of graduates entering the workplace. IPCA accomplishes this through the ongoing improvement regarding the development and promulgation of certification and accreditation criteria.

IPCA will help assure educational quality in higher education by encouraging innovation, fostering a spirit of continuous improvement, encouraging scientific methods in the field, and facilitating the strategic planning needed to achieve these goals.

IPCA formed to certify and accredit programs in the Applied Social Sciences/Professional Studies  eg  loss preventionLoss Prevention, Asset protection, Security Studies and additional related programs.

IPCA encourages partnerships between the world of academia, government and professional associations in promulgation of academic excellence in program offerings. IPCA encourages an blending of traditional academic pursuits with professional certification and supervised internships in the work place.